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Sometimes it’s the little things in life which can make the biggest impact. An ever-so-slightly raised paving slab can cause us to trip; one letter out when typing a postcode into a sat nav can take us to completely the wrong location; and a seemingly harmless misplaced apostrophe can interrupt the peace and calm of our day and replace it with an unresolved mix of stress and frustration. 

If, like me, you have unhealthy fixation with grammatical errors, then the tale of Harry Hedges – whose life ambition was that of righting the grammatical wrongs of his home town of Netherton – will no doubt resonate with you. A couple of years back I began writing this humorous tale to explore what might happen if one man’s personal obsession with grammar – and in particular, the misplaced apostrophe – remained unchecked.

Having scoped out the narrative arc I then began to fill in the gaps, and so Netherton developed. In that it was a departure from the children’s books I’ve typically written I didn’t have ready access to a publisher so decided it as an ebook.

And because I was more interested in readership than revenue I’ve pitched it at a price point of 99p (depending on exchange rate fluctuation) – a snip!

To download your copy from Amazon head to

(If you don’t own an ebook reader such as a Kindle you can download the Kindle app to your phone)

And, of course, if you do enjoy Netherton then a review would be much appreciated.

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