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Some nice things people have said about my books

It’s always encouraging for an author to know that people are buying their books but also great to read reviews of your output that enable you to discover that your books are not only being read but enjoyed.

The God Files is the most excellent children’s Bible I’ve seen in decades. I originally bought a copy for my two grandchildren, but I enjoyed it so much, I bought another copy for myself (I will be buying more!). Andy Robb’s brilliant illustrations, and fascinating fact additions to the full NIV text really bring the book to life, and the interactive sections encourage young and old, alike, to explore what a relationship with God might look like for them personally. It certainly blows the cobwebs away from what is often perceived as a dusty old tome irrelevant to today’s society. Highly recommended!

'My Gran gave me this book to read. I am nine years old. I liked the book very much because it helped me learn more about GOD!!!! I liked the jokes and Professor Bumblebrain. He is so funny!!
 And I love the drawings too! I like the presentation and the layouts because every page is different! When my Gran told me that Andy Robb was a cartoonist and that he drew all the pictures in the book I was amazed. I assure you it is a fantastic book!!’

My ten-year old loved this book so much that by the time she'd read the first few pages, she was already telling me which one she wanted next! In her own words… "This book was extremely funny and thrillingly informative. I loved how it was set out in comic strip form and it's great for kids my age. I love Prof Bumblebrain's book and I can't wait to get the next one!!" Which leaves me with a problem: finding shelf space in her crammed bookcase for the Andy Robb collection I can feel coming on…!

This book [50 Craziest Bible Stories] has opened a whole new world to our 10 year old son. Up until now he was just reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid but this book has really grabbed his imagination. He carries it around with a Bible and looks up the linked bible verses - brilliant! This book is really well written and brilliantly designed. We would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Bought The God Files for my grandson for Christmas. He loves decoding the messages and verses in the Bible. The adults enjoy it as well!

Andy Robb knows his subject and his readers! I wish there was space to give full details of all twelve books in the [Boring Bible]series, which take the reader through from Genesis to Revelation. You’ve never met the bible presented quite like this before! Presented in a format that appeals to children, they will soon be reading the familiar stories with a new interest. Cartoons, ‘Fascinating facts’, and much more, will hold their attention and make them want to collect the whole series. My Teacher daughter, can’t wait, to get them into her school library, where they are attractive enough, for the children to choose them for themselves.

The cover of The God Files is fun and engaging and the notes inside are fun and very readable. The notes include great introductions to each book of the Bible, plus other information and jokes! Scattered throughout are Agent Profiles, giving a quick overview of lots of Bible characters, as well as thought provoking questions for thinking and chatting about. I’d recommend this as an option to consider when looking for a full Bible for a child who is a confident reader as the text is normal adult Bible size.

I have just purchased the whole [Boring Bible] series as I am looking for ways to make the teaching of RE in my school more dynamic. I have just given them to my year six to review. They are loving them. The humour, the ease of understanding what it is about, the style and accessibilit for them is great. These books are a real find and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.'

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Bible (The God Files). [My daughter] has read so much of it and loves doing the ‘code cracking’—we often now in fact have to talk to each other via codes.

Andy Robb can do no wrong. Our children love his books. Particularly our boys 7 and 11 yr old. This book is no exception.

Have been reading this [50 Craziest Bible Stories] with my 8 year old son and he loves it! The Bible stories are retold in a funny, engaging way with colourful cartoons. He really enjoys looking up the Bible verses at the end - it's the first time he's really engaged with a proper Bible (as opposed to Bible story books) and it's a great introduction to the real thing. Think it's probably aimed at kids in Key Stage 2, particularly boys, but I'm sure girls and older ones could enjoy it too. In fact, I'm a 40 year old woman and have been known to sit and read this book on my own. Nuff said.

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