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How the God Files began

I figured it might be of interest to give you a whirlwind tour as to the backstory of this exciting and innovative interactive NIV children’s Bible. If I can’t big it up, who can!

Although my journey with its publisher, Hodder Faith, began around three years ago the truth is that this book has actually been 33 years in the making.

In May 1988 I had an encounter with God – think the Day of Pentecost in the Book of Acts – which transformed my life so completely that I was instantly sold out for Jesus from then on in. One of the many fruits of that encounter was a revelation that the Bible was true and to be trusted. But there was more. The Holy Spirit gave me a passion/mandate to produce children’s books which brought alive the Bible and the things of God to kids.

On two counts this proved a challenge.

Firstly, I was a novice Christian and the sum total of what I had to impart to children right then could probably have fitted comfortably on a Post It Note.

And secondly, although I was working as a cartoonist and children’s illustrator, up until that point my only motives for doing so had been fame and fortune.

But fortunately God changed all that. 

Over the next ten years he fast-tracked me in understanding his word – clearly an ongoing journey – and in having his heart for children.

Having had the privilege of writing and illustrating approaching 60 books since then it’s The God Files which feels to me like the summation of so much of my life lived with Jesus – what I’ve come to understand of his love, his goodness, his purposes and power.

And that’s my prayer for The God Files – that children will not only enjoy finding out about God as they dive into the core text – aided by all of the interactive elements – but that they come to know the God whose story it tells, as I did all those years ago.

Order online today.

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