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Another ebook…

If you’re a fan or follower of my comic creation, Derek the Cleric, there’s every chance you’ll have come across some of the material I’ve written which brings to life the world of St Cliff’s, his church.

Over the past two or three years I’ve been threading these stand-alone pieces into the narrative of a story which has culminated in ‘Derek the Cleric and the Bishop’s Ultimatum’, and which I’ve produced as an ebook.

To whet your appetite, here’s the premise.

The bishop has given Derek twelve months to increase his dwindling congregation or be moved to another parish. But Derek’s good lady wife has hit upon a plan. The bishop didn’t specify that it had to be the congregation of St Cliff’s, Derek’s church, so why not start an ‘online congregation’.

To discover what happens next you’ll have to purchase a copy of the book, but at 99p, what have you got to lose.

To download your copy from Amazon head to

(If you don’t own an ebook reader such as a Kindle you can download the Kindle app to your phone)

And, of course, if you do enjoy ‘Derek the Cleric and the Bishop’s Ultimatum’ then a review would be much appreciated.

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