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Derek the Cleric and the Bishop’s Ultimatum

Football is biblical!

Dear friends 

Oh what joy it is to read the Bible with the eyes of revelation and, more so, to discover something that has, I believe, lain hidden from others for two thousand years.

I am presently employing a more relaxed method of daily Bible study which boils down to closing my eyes, opening the good book at random, running my finger down the selected page and then beginning my studies from there (having first opened my eyes, of course).

Having had more than my fair share of false starts which has found my index finger drawing my attention to (in no particular order) to a rather confusing map of the route of the Exodus, the ISBN details and, most frustratingly the blank page that sits between the Old and New Testaments, it was therefore a joyous surprise and a relief (my run of bad luck having finally been broken) to find myself faced with the Acts of the Apostles and chapter thirteen in particular.

My joy was increased when I chanced upon the heading to the page.

‘Barnabas and Paul Sent Off‘.

That nobody has ever spotted this reference to football in the Bible is astounding.

Onward and upward


Watch out for more posts in this ongoing saga

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