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Derek the Cleric and the Bishop’s Ultimatum

A Tad Uneasy!

Dear friends

You may not be aware but I have a penchant for the pastime of rambling. The ‘great outdoors’ is medicine indeed after the sometimes claustrophobic confines of St Cliff’s and I find this leisure pursuit a most therapeutic exercise.

To therefore be invited to be chaplain of the local rambling society was a most harmonious proposition –  a perfect juxtaposition of both work and pleasure.

I now feel a tad uneasy having been informed by the committee of the said society that their rationale for suggesting yours truly for the esteemed position was that they considered my sermon style and their leisure pursuit to have much in common.

What they mean by that I am unclear but I think I will ‘put on hold’ their proposal while I ponder the inference of this disconcerting statement.

Onward and upward


Watch out for more posts in this ongoing saga

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