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The Supernaturals

On May 14th 1988 I had an encounter with God which transformed my life. One of its fruits was having a passion birthed in me to write and illustrate books which brought alive the Bible and the things of God for kids.

To date I have produced well over 50 books but with this comes the reality that there may be no more. Of course, as a creative, I can always generate new content but in partnering with the Holy Spirit I have only ever wanted to work on books that originate from him.

Having seen The God Files NIV Bible for children published in 2021 I knew there was more to come. But what?

For a year or so I talked with two significant UK Christian publishers about a discipleship series for kids as a follow-up to The God Files but it didn’t quite happen. On the plus side, I now had a strong book proposal called The Supernaturals waiting in the wings, should another Christian publisher express interest.

And then I had a dream in which I saw two tables in different rooms around which were seated a number of people involved in publishing. A person then appeared and led me by the hand from the room on the left – people in publishing I knew – to the room on the right and introduced me to some new publishing people.

Many months later I was talking to someone in our church network about The Supernaturals at which point he insisted on introducing me to a friend from his church who also ran a publishing company.

Long story short, within a week of speaking to Malcom Down Publishing we were heading towards signing contracts. The dream team!

In that The Supernaturals are all about equipping and encouraging children to step out in the power of the Holy Spirit it has been wonderful for me that my publishers are on the same spiritual page.

My heart is that with The God Files in one hand and The Supernaturals in the other, children are empowered to be Kingdom influencers for Jesus in their everyday lives.

The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream is the first in this series and there will be more to follow.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of encouraging reviews I’ve already received.

“I was absolutely blown away by it, the storyline was gripping, I found myself crying with the woman who realised that God had heard her and I loved the ordinary, yet extraordinary way the characters interact. Your Biblical explanation was so simply put, but reinforced the story and it was great to include the prayer of commitment as well.”

“This is a book that will encourage children, probably in Christian families, that life as a Christian, following Jesus, is a life full of excitement, adventure and promises. The gang, the Supernaturals, is like the best church youth group there could be. And I do know of some youth groups that share the same values and even have similar adventures. These are special places for young people to grow and develop an active faith of their own. This group of children share a clear belief that the Holy Spirit who was described in the Bible, is the same Spirit who is alive and active today. It is a great read for younger readers (suggested for 7 to 11 year olds) that will enthuse them, plus it would be equally good for parents and carers to read with or to younger children. I am certainly looking forward to the next adventures from the Supernaturals.”

And not forgetting a link to get your copies:

Finally, reviews on Amazon, Eden or direct to me are most welcome. Thank you

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The Supernaturals

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