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Amazing Agents of God

Amazing Agents of God books

After nearly twenty years in the waiting, my idea for a range of books to catalyse children from ages 7 – 11 to become agents of God has finally been realised.

This exciting Amazing Agents of God series retells the stories of well known Bible characters and repackages them as accounts of agents of God on a mission for him.

Styled as Agents Reports they create the opportunity for the child to learn from the successes (and the failures) of these biblical agents of God and to apply this knowledge to their 21st-century lives.

Agent-style graphics and cartoons add to the whole look and feel of the product.

There’s an Amazing Agents of God vocabulary which includes: The God Files (the Bible), Hotline to Heaven (prayer) and Agent Outposts (churches).

And finally, there’s the opportunity for the child to become an agent of God for themselves, if they’re not yet a follower of Jesus.

Megatastic Missions and Awesome Assignments are the first two titles with more to follow early next year.

Published by CWR you can buy the books by clicking here.

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